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No Surrender, No Retreat

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I missed the freaking promo! Who did Harold say this to? :(

From the promo, it appears he is saying this to Reese, who then smiles. Greer/Decima has Grace and is using her as bait to get Finch

It’s Reese and you KNOW he’s been waiting for THAT Kill order…..

hurt Harold by hurting Grace………….you die a very messy death.

Considering the ENTIRE REASON HE FAKED HIS DEATH was to prevent that EXACT EVENTUALITY, yeah. You’ve got it coming.

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#how could i resist a superhero whose weapon of choice is a shield

#guys #this is why I love steve so much #his weapon isn’t even a fucking weapon #his weapon is defense not offense #his goddamn weapon? is safety #is protection #is protecting himself and others #he takes every hit and he takes every punch #but his weapon after all this time is protection #jesus christ I think I just started crying

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Stop trying to teach me how to protect my ladyparts. Start telling people not to stick things in them unwanted.


So, without fail, every time I enter a conversation about rape and abuse, someone puts on their white hat of just-looking-out-for-the-wimmins and lectures everyone there about vigilance.

I get it. It’s super comforting, like a warm blanket made out of lies. If your daughter, you, your son, your…

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